Clean Up Your Yard With Concrete Landscape Curbing

Your backyard is your oasis. It’s the space where you, your family and your friends soak up the sun, grill, splash in the sprinkler and relax around the fire pit. Eventually, however, the elements will take their toll. Soil erodes. Weeds proliferate. Mulch migrates.

If your landscaping looks a little out of sorts lately, there’s no need to worry. Installing concrete landscape curbing can give your backyard the unique, finished look that you want. Out front, it can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal too.

Concrete Has Several Functional Benefits Over Other Landscaping Edges

Whipping your yard into shape for warm-weather fun is easy with concrete edging. In addition to maximizing your home’s charm with tidy, clean lines, adding this type of barrier has many other benefits:

  • Concrete curbing keeps your landscape materials, such as stone or mulch, where they belong and helps prevent them from drifting into your grass.
  • It offers a superior root barrier, so grass won’t begin to spread into your flower beds.
  • Concrete landscaping won’t move or shift over time like traditional pavers.
  • The natural stone look gives your yard a lot of style that requires only a little maintenance.
  • The customization options are virtually endless. A variety of stamping patterns and colors means you can tailor the look to match your home and other yard features.
  • You’ll spend less time trimming and edging to achieve a clean look for your yard.

It Can Add Value to Your Home

Experts agree that updating your landscaping can really pay off when it comes time to sell your home. Buyers are much more attracted to a house that looks neat and well-maintained from the outside. It generates excitement before they even walk in the door and can lead to higher offers.

There’s more to attractive landscaping than planting some trees and bushes or loading up on vibrant flower boxes, though. Barriers that keep your landscaping materials contained and clearly delineate between your landscaping and your usable lawn are essential for a professional-looking exterior.

It’s Easy To Maintain

Concrete landscape curbing is not only durable but also easy to maintain. Rubber tubing and other forms of landscape edging, for example, can degrade in the sun or easily be dislodged by children and wildlife. With concrete curbing, that barrier isn’t going anywhere.

To keep it looking good and performing well, you should clean it as needed to dislodge any soil that accumulates in its porous surface. A commercially available cleaner and a hard-bristle brush are usually all it takes to dislodge any build-up before rinsing it away with the hose.

It’s What We Do

If you’re ready to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams or elevate your home’s curb appeal, MasterStone Hardscapes can help. We offer professional-looking concrete curbing, as well as many other landscaping and outdoor features, such as:

  • Retaining walls
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Fire pits and bowls
  • Water features, such as koi ponds and waterfalls
  • Poolscapes

Contact us today to set up an appointment and get ready to rejuvenate your home.

Enhance the Appeal of Your Property With Landscape Curbing

If you want to add curb appeal and make the exterior of your house look beautiful, you should consider concrete landscape curbing. Concrete curbing offers a variety of benefits, both functional and practical, and you will begin seeing these benefits soon after your curbing project is done. Curbing is a key element of landscape design, but a high-quality curb can also serve as a root barrier for seeded grasses and sod.

Benefits of Concrete Curbing

As previously mentioned, concrete curbing, also known as concrete edging, can have numerous benefits. It is more durable and economical than other traditional styles of lawn edging, so you will spend less money in the long run. A concrete curb can also serve as a root barrier, and over time, you will have to spend less energy trimming and edging. Landscape edging must be done by a professional, so you will enjoy the magnificent professional appearance you seek for many years. In terms of time, the vast majority of jobs can be completed in a day, and even though your new concrete landscape will shine and become a highlight of your yard, its installation will not disturb your existing landscape.

Concrete curbing is a great alternative to steel, wood, plastic, and brick curbing. It will not rust, move, break, or decompose, so you can rest easy knowing your curbing will last for years to come. Installing concrete curbing is also a wonderful way to highlight your flower beds.


If you choose to install concrete curbing, you will have your pick of designs and colors. A wide variety of colors can be mixed into the concrete before pouring, so you can choose the color you want to highlight your yard or commercial property. The colors you choose are durable and strong, so you can be sure they will last just as long as the concrete itself. Before selecting a color, you will be presented with a color card so you will know exactly how your project will look in the future. However, it is important to note that it can take up to one month (30 days) before the color you choose begins to appear consistent on the concrete.

Shapes and Styles

Concrete curbing can be altered to appear in a variety of styles and shapes. You will have a myriad of molds to choose from, some of which are designed for specific purposes. In addition to having color, you will also have the option to add decorative patterns for a more custom appearance. A professional can help you pick the perfect mold, color, and pattern for your particular project. This stage of the project is ideal for selecting colors and options that will enhance your yard or commercial property’s appearance.

Hire an Expert You Know and Trust

If you are interested in landscape curbing, it can help to choose a company you know and trust. Here at MasterStone Hardscapes, we take great pride in helping you create the landscape of your dreams, and you can be sure we will work hard for you.

Reach out to MasterStone Hardscapes today to learn more about concrete curbing and its advantages.

6 Big Benefits of Concrete Landscape Curbing

Think about your favorite lawns near where you live, and chances are, they have one thing in common: landscape curbing. Landscape edging is available in several materials, but to get more bang for your buck, go with concrete. This material offers lots of benefits to homeowners who want a well-maintained yard and attractive outdoor spaces. Here are just six advantages that concrete curbing has over other types of edging material.

1. Durability

Once you have a concrete edging installed, you are good to go. You do not have to worry about replacing or maintaining it, other than hosing it down a few times a year. Concrete landscape curbing is just plain effortless. Other materials such as wood or plastic may not last nearly as long, and they may require more frequent upkeep to combat damage from weather and sun exposure.

2. Curb Appeal

Landscape curbing gives your property literal curb appeal. With your flower beds, water features, and other hardscaping elements bordered with concrete edging, your yard appears neat, well-maintained, and attractive. It sure beats a chaotic yard without any layout to define the space, and it can attract the right amount of attention when you are ready to sell.

3. Weed Prevention

Weeds are the scourge of many a yard, and keeping them under control requires strategy. Concrete curbing acts as a physical barrier to keep weeds out of your flower beds or lawn. With this edging material, the root systems are not able to spread beyond those boundaries.

4. Variety

When planning your landscape design, you put a lot of effort into achieving a particular style. For example, a traditional English rose garden has a formal, symmetrical look, while a desert xeriscape may focus more on hardy plant varieties instead of clearly defined beds. Your contractor should work with you to select the style and color of concrete curbing that complements the overall tone for a cohesive and thoughtful design for your yard.

5. Mulch Retention

Whether you hire someone to spread mulch around your trees and flower beds or you do it yourself, you know it takes time and money for thorough coverage. So how can you prevent that mulch from washing away after a few stormy or windy days? Concrete landscape curbing keeps your mulch in place, allowing it to its job of discouraging weeds, preserving moisture, and looking fantastic.

6. Lawn Maintenance

Other types of curbing can get in the way of weeding, trimming, and mowing your yard. Not so much with concrete edging. Curbing not only acts as a barrier to keep mulch in place and keep out weeds, but it also makes it easier for your regular yard work. With less weeding and trimming, you may have more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Are you ready to upgrade your landscape edging to concrete? Contact MasterStone Hardscapes online or call us at (636) 900-7625 to request an estimate or schedule a consultation. We are happy to show you the many choices you have with concrete curbing to enhance your yard and add value to your home.

Landscape Curbing


5 Reasons To Invest in Concrete Edging for Your Home’s Landscaping

From new plants to water fixtures to exterior lighting, homeowners can incorporate a seemingly endless number of enhancements into their landscaping. For budget-minded residents, it can be hard to know which of these investments is the most worthwhile. Consider five reasons that installing landscape curbing should be at the top of your to-do list.

Lanscape Curbing

1. Speed Up Your Lawn Care Routine

One perk of landscape edging is that it creates a solid barrier between distinct types of vegetation. This way, your grass, vining plants, and flowers stay where they should be. This may reduce the amount of time you have to spend pulling bits of grass out of your mulch or flower seedlings out of your lawn. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about renting or buying an edger to tidy up your yard each year.

If your landscaping features mulch or decorative rock, concrete edging may also help contain these materials in their designated zones. This eliminates the need to don gloves and rearrange your ground cover repeatedly.

2. Minimize Future Repair Needs

Concrete edging, in particular, is beneficial because it is so durable. Its design allows it to hold up much longer than many types of wood, metal, and brick edging. Thus, your concrete curbing is a long-term investment that you won’t have to repeat anytime soon. On top of that, your edging won’t need to be adjusted or pushed back into place; it firmly holds its ground year after year.

3. Protect Your Plants

Placing a concrete landscape barrier around flower beds and gardens is also an effective way to deter friends and family members from accidentally stepping on delicate vegetation. Concrete edging is easy to spot, after all, and forms a visual pathway for passersby. This may be especially useful when kids are playing in the yard or when you are hosting a garden party.

4. Cater To Your Style

Concrete curbing comes in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. This makes it possible to supplement your current exterior design. For instance, curbing can often take on a sleek, modern look if your home trends toward minimalism. Alternatively, you could opt for edging that looks like natural stone to complement a rustic setting. You may be able to choose from several different shades, as well, to match the siding of your house.

5. Add Value to Your Home

Finally, small modifications to the exterior of your house can go a long way in terms of curb appeal. If you ever choose to sell your property, a visually appealing and tidy landscape design may attract buyers. This seemingly small detail tells interested parties that you take care of your property well, meaning they can expect an easy turnover process. In this way, you may actually see a return on your investment!

If you are ready to take your home’s landscaping to the next level, MasterStone Hardscapes is eager to help. We offer top-tier hardscape services that include installation of concrete curbing, fire pits, stone mailboxes, pool slides, and much more.

Give us a call today at (636) 900-7625 to discuss your landscaping needs in further detail.


What Is Landscape Curbing?

Put the finishing touch on your stunning landscape design with high-quality landscape curbing. Edging offers both functional and stylish features that help you get more out of your backyard or curb design. Learn more about this innovative option for your landscape in the St. Louis area.

Concrete Curbing Landscape Design

Don’t let grass intrude into your flower beds or your manicured mulch fall out onto your lawn. Whether you’re working on your home landscaping or looking to improve your company’s curb appeal, concrete landscape features may be the answer.

These extruded concrete blocks are installed in a straight or curved line to create a barrier on your property. They can be used to separate gravel, grass and mulched areas. A straight line or curved ribbon in the middle of your lawn isn’t going to add much visual appeal, but a clean concrete landscape line separating two or more areas is a stunning option for your property.

Other materials don’t offer the same results as concrete. Some companies offer plastic or metal curbing, but these materials have their limitations. Plastic can crack and become damaged in the winter or while mowing your lawn. A metal curb may be tough, but it can quickly rust.

Benefits of Landscape Curbing

Not sure whether landscape curbing is right for you? Use concrete landscape edging to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Long-lasting root barrier
  • Personalized landscaping

Give your lawn the professional look it deserves. From your personal garden to a commercial flower bed, a smooth, professionally installed landscape curb creates an unforgettable look. Consider a color and style option that matches your exterior design.

Resourceful roots may break out of your flower bed or away from trees in your yard. The result may be exposed, unappealing roots that can become tripping hazards. Grass can also push into your landscaping feature and create an undesirable effect. Concrete won’t rust, crack or decompose, so you can enjoy quality protection for years to come.

Make your property stand out with the unique features that match your personality. A bold curb helps you create mulched areas around trees, plant flowers in new places or create other iconic landscape features.

Options for Your Curbing

Choose the color and shape of curbing that matches your flower beds and landscape design. Discuss your style goals with our team at MasterStone Hardscapes to learn more about your options. Here are a few standard design choices you should consider:

  • Dome
  • Angle
  • Double angle
  • Mower
  • Rectangle

Concrete comes in a range of colors depending on the aggregate and cement used. Additives can stain it a vibrant color to match your outdoor palette. Consider shades of brown, red, tan, blue or gray and work with our team to find the best choice for your new curbing project.

Schedule a Consultation With Cutting Edge Curbing

Refresh your home or commercial property in the greater St. Louis, MO, area. Contact us at MasterStone Hardscapes to request an estimate for high-quality concrete edging to complete your outdoor oasis or charming curb.

How Concrete Landscape Curbing Can Improve Your Property

Keeping your property tidy can sometimes seem like a full-time job. When you have several landscaped areas throughout your yard that highlight gardens, walking paths and evergreen shrubs, you frequently have to fight off the weeds and trim areas where the lawn invades the landscaping. You can minimize your yard work and brighten your property with landscape curbing. Concrete edging is a great material to use in your yard, and you can learn more about how it can improve your home’s curb appeal and reduce your expenses.

Why Choose Concrete for Curbing?

Several materials are used for landscaping, including stone, wood, brick, metal, plastic and concrete. Although the product’s appearance is a primary factor in selecting a material for your landscape design, you can see why concrete has an advantage over other curbing options in these sections.


Compared to other materials, concrete is more durable and stable. After the concrete is poured, it can last up to 30 years with minimal maintenance. Other products like brick and stone will shift over time, but concrete stays firmly planted in the ground. Concrete is not unbreakable, but it’s more resistant to impact damage than any other curbing type.

Color Options

Concrete curbing isn’t limited to the color you see in public spaces; you can customize the hue to fit the design of your yard. A colored concrete hardener is added to the wet mix to change the color and strengthen the material upon hardening. You can use a dark tone that mimics natural stone or lighten it up to accent one section of your yard.

Shaping and Texturing

Customizing the shape and texture of your curbing is simple with concrete. You can create a winding path, accent a favorite tree or outline a vegetable garden with various shapes and colors. Whether you choose rounded corners or go with a more rustic look, you have endless design options with a concrete landscape.

Garden Health

Keeping the lawn from entering the landscaped gardens and inhibiting weed growth is achievable with concrete. You can decide the depth of the curbing and how far it sits above the lawn. Concrete edging keeps weeds out and provides a barrier from invasive root systems. It not only keeps your garden areas clean but also improves the aesthetic appeal and adds color to the landscape.

Low Maintenance

With concrete edging, your yard work becomes much easier and less intensive. If you have a flat concrete border installed, you can mow the lawn without breaking out the string trimmer on the landscaping. The border also keeps mulch, rocks or pine straw contained in the landscaped areas, even after a fierce storm.

How Do You Prepare for a Curbing Project?

Before contacting a professional, walk around the yard to determine where you need the edging. You can draw a rough diagram or use pieces of rope to simulate the border. One of the simplest methods is to position the rope around your landscaping and take photos of it.

Although concrete curbing can benefit your property significantly, it’s a complex process that requires professional attention. At MasterStone Hardscapes, we can transform your yard with our Natural Stone concrete edging process. Contact us today for a quote.

landscape curbing

The Benefits of Landscape Curbing

When most homeowners think of landscaping, they tend to focus their decisions on the plants they use to beautify their outdoor spaces. While plant choices are important, of course, curbing should also be an integral part of your plan. Not only does a concrete curb make your landscaping look more organized, but it also provides some practical benefits.

Make Weeds More Noticeable

It’s easy for native weeds to sneak into your otherwise pristine flower garden. They grow in tandem with the plants you intend to cultivate, and you may not see them until they have taken solid root, making them harder to get rid of. It is easier to see plants that aren’t supposed to be there as soon as they sprout up around the curb outlining the garden plot.

Guide Root Growth With Strategic Curbing

Another benefit of a concrete curb is root training. If you plant your garden without any barrier, the roots have free rein over the whole yard. They can grow into sidewalks and cause cracks. They may even grow into your underground pipes or sprinkler system, causing plumbing or sewage issues. Curbing helps to redirect roots where you want them to grow.

Improve Maintenance and Curb Appeal

Any addition you make to your landscaping plan can be aesthetically pleasing to visitors and other passersby. Whether you are trying to sell your home or you just want the exterior to look nice, concrete curbing helps by giving it a finished look. A curb not only showcases the plants in your garden but also marks where your lawn begins, making edging easier and more efficient.

If you are updating your landscaping plan, consider adding a concrete curb to the design. The team at MasterStone HardScapes is available to discuss the options that work for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Enhance Your Property With These Decorative Curb Ideas

Lush green grass and bright flowers certainly attract the eye, but even beautifully maintained yard spaces need modern touches now and again. If you’re hoping to improve the look of your property and increase your home value without spending a fortune, why not install some decorative curbing? With a natural stone style and color that suits your home, a new concrete curb design from MasterStone Hardscapes could do wonders for your yard’s style and appearance.

Curbing Ideas Perfect for Sprucing Up Your Space

A natural stone curb feature surrounding your yard can effortlessly improve the look and style of your entire property, so it’s important to determine the right place to install it. Here are some smart and stylish ways we can add curbing to your home:

  • Line your backyard lawn for an amplified patio space. This concept not only gives your lawn a clean, neat structure, but it makes your backyard patio area look more inviting.
  • Surround your garden or flower beds for a storybook feel. Our solid concrete edging with its natural stone appearance will blend seamlessly with your flower or vegetable garden, giving the area a cozy, storybook-cottage vibe.
  • Create an ornamental shape around specific features. If you choose to install a water feature or fire pit on your property, we can embellish this hardscaping with a nicely-shaped curb that makes the feature a focal point of the yard.

However you decide to enhance your outdoor space, our experienced team at MasterStone Hardscapes has plenty of cool, modern ideas to spruce up your home for an affordable rate.

Long-Lasting Material for Endless Home Appeal

Our decorative curbing offers many years of natural stone appeal to your home’s landscape, providing you with stylish edging available in an assortment of colors, patterns or stamped surfaces to suit your tastes.

To find out more about our unique concrete material or to request an estimate, contact us today, and we’ll help you maximize your curb appeal in no time.