Disabled Veteran’s Backyard Makeover

In honor of all our Veterans, MasterStone Hardscapes will have our very first Disabled Veteran Backyard Makeover! This will be completely free to the winner and is being done as a thank you for their amazing sacrifice they have given for our Nation!


If you know of a disabled veteran, have their spouse or family member write to MasterStone Hardscapes with the story of their disabled veteran and how a backyard makeover will help them.


The backyard makeover will consist of an outdoor kitchen, water feature and our signature tree stump fire pit.

MasterStone Hardscapes wishes to thank all the veterans and their families and their amazing service to our Nation!

MasterStone Hardscapes may extend the Disabled Veteran Backyard Makeover to more than one a year based on need and workload.

Email your story to johnthompson@masterstone.local